ballbet贝博靠谱吗-贝博-ballbet靠谱吗Maximum support 16 channels * 3A per channel (support voltage 3.7-12V)


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Model Number: ballbet贝博靠谱吗-贝博-ballbet靠谱吗

Supply voltage: 5-12V/3.3V lithium battery)

Output power: 16 channels Each output 3A (recommended usage rate is 80%)

Appearance size: length 66X width 40X thickness 1.2(MM)

Static weight: ballbet贝博靠谱吗-贝博-ballbet靠谱吗-L without terminals (8g), ballbet贝博靠谱吗-贝博-ballbet靠谱吗-D with terminals (20)

Control method: load common anode (very suitable for 3.7-12V various types of LED)

Programming Software: RH-ALL

Send Tool: TTL-USB Download Line - Green Edition


  • Wiring diagram:


  • Application Note:
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    On ARH-32



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