ballbet贝博靠谱吗-贝博-ballbet靠谱吗9-channel 10A high-current design, adjustable speed, 7 kinds of programming effects can be switched, TF card program loading, MICRO USB download interface to facilitate the download of the program (download board common).


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Functional Description (ballbet贝博靠谱吗-贝博-ballbet靠谱吗):

The controller is a 9-way programmable DIY solution controller. After receiving the pattern data, it can run independently from the computer.

And the pattern can be repeatedly erased 100,000 times. The patterns can be changed at any time to give full play to your imagination.

From now on, you can get rid of the troubles of fixing the pattern controller, no longer allow the thinking to be solidified, and enjoy the freedom of imagination.

Since then no longer follow the controller, but let the controller follow me!

My tricks are my master (can achieve water, flash, slow flash, gradient, constant brightness and other functions) This product uses 10A high current design,

Let you have no worries. The controller supports infrared remote control and RF remote control extension, supporting multiple cascades.

Support TF card and USB data cable loading program, rainproof design, single load 12V-10A.


On AUSB-X Universal Download Board



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