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Material composition

First, the combination of lighting (a variety of luminous materials)

(1) LED building luminous body special module:


1, low pressure security, full waterproof design. Adopt DC 24V voltage, work environment adaptability

2, strong color, bright, monochrome, but also colorful

3, energy consumption is very low, real estate lighting per square watts 5-10W, 500 square energy consumption of lighting is only 2.5KW-5KW

4, not easy to damage, long life, LED life of up to 5 - 5 million hours

15196174964835.png(2) LED lighting special module:


(1) Anti-vibration and tensile compression performance

(2) Good flexibility

(3) High brightness, transparent light, uniform, and bright "halo" effect

(4) Continuity of lighting is good, one line is lit, and the whole is consistent

(5) The light emitting direction of the lamp is uniform and the effect is very good, solving the problem of the directionality of the LED lighting lamp word

(3) Flame Retardant Lighting Network

(1) High strength and excellent weather resistance

(2) Large mesh, low wind resistance, superior windproof performance

(3) Fire-retardant and fire-retardant, reaching the highest grade of plastic fire protection V0, that is, fire-extinguishing flame-retardant lighting net made of flame-retardant plastic, which not only has a certain degree of flexibility but also has a certain strength, that is, flexible flame-retardant lighting net can be Curl in a roll, and the night sky after the development of the Rainbow LED large eyes and spray paintings and other patterns formed without deformation. The utility model adopts flexible flame-retardant

The lighting net makes it light and easy to install; and when transported or stored, the lighting can be curled and folded. This structure is small and can be easily transported or stored.

Lighting effect of daylight:


Lighting night effect:


1) Computer spray painting: Ordinary monochrome printing (red or yellow) high-precision Witjet spraying, colorful and lasting

(2) Computer-designed special effect printing: Can design various effects such as metallic color, metallic feeling, gradient, etc. (3) Gold and silver sticky note: gold, silver and bright, uniform, never fade within six months, one year No more than 20% fade

(4) Auxiliary materials: converters, power supplies, wires, cable ties, wire ropes, etc.

Performance characteristics

(1) The safety is good, reflected in the light weight, small wind resistance, flame retardancy, and excellent insulation properties.

(2) The installation time is short, no need to install a scaffold.

(3) Little damage to the wall or damage to the exterior wall.

(4) The module can be assembled to make a large area of lighting.

(5) Buyable, rentable and flexible.

Development Overview

The initial lighting screen can only represent the lines of a single color. With the development of patented LED technology, the expression of lighting is becoming more and more powerful, achieving brightness gradients, colorful gradients, and flashing gradients. The use of a variety of light sources combined with the design of the lighting performance is extremely strong, can meet the different needs of different levels of customers, the Rainbow Games in the night sky rainbow company using its own patented technology, to achieve the eight screen chapter changes, creating a history of lighting The biggest breakthrough on the. The rich colors and changes of the LED make it possible for the lighting to achieve a wide variety of effects. It can be used to display various screens with beautiful lighting effects, so as to achieve different effects of different design requirements.

Field of application

City image display, night scene lighting and lighting night scene decoration; shopping mall holiday theme lighting painting, public square, building exterior commercial lighting, logo, sign, light decoration, etc.; real estate lighting, building lighting, not only that, commercial lighting category It also covers topics such as theme parks, featured streets, historical sites, cultural heritage, and wedding celebrations. Lighting performance is equally good.

Finished product case display:

Wanda Square


Production site (Dorui / SWISS 2017 project):



Changsha Bubugao Square


Production site (Dorui / SWISS 2017 project):


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