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As the LED lighting industry matures, the quality of LED luminaires has become more and more important, and the quality certification of various products has also begun to become hot. First and foremost are the relevant quality certifications for LED lamps, such as LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED downlights, LED spotlights, LED panel lights, LED mining lights, and LED tunnel lights; even LED drive power supplies, as well as LED component certifications. However, the certification of domestic and foreign standards is not allowed, and there are product certification and testing certification. Chinese certification generally includes 3C certification, CQC certification, and energy conservation and environmental protection certification. International certification generally includes CB certification and CE certification.

The main international certification includes CB and CE certification. When applying for CB certification, it should be noted that the products must meet the requirements of the corresponding versions of IEC standards and CTL resolutions. Requirements for equipment or methods for certification of products in different countries or regions may differ, and national differences should be supplemented if necessary. To apply for CE certification, it is necessary to ensure that the product meets the requirements of the European Union's LVD Directive and that the testing project includes EN's safety standards, EMC standards, and OSM resolutions.

Today's consumers are pursuing cost-effective products, so in order to win the pedestrians of consumers, almost every enterprise will do some authoritative certification. With the passage of time, the stability of technology, I believe that the quality of LED lighting will come The better, the price will get lower and lower.

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