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Hangzhou Santan Yinyue, Huxinting, and Gonggongdun Lianghua Projects were designed by the Zhejiang Urban Construction Garden Design Institute. The lighting design, lighting and control system projects lasted for half a year.

The lighting design of the project is based on the principles of urban aesthetics and lighting function. It is a static, a virtual, a dark, one-sided and one-sided, creating an ink-like West Lake. It is illuminated by modern night lighting. The history of the rhythm beauty exhibition is full of vividness, history and reality collide with another unique charm.

Lake Xiao Xian Chau, elegant elegant lake and pavilion and "faint jasper in the water," the Chung Gong pier. The night landscape of Mishima in the lake is perfectly integrated with the night landscape of the entire West Lake, highlighting the night scene of “Ink Jiangnan and Lake City”.

The project uses multi-color temperature combination lamps to intelligently control the light of seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, so as to achieve lighting effects that are adjustable and controllable, bright and bright, and quiet and quiet. The coverage of the project is extremely wide. The three islands in the lake are far apart. For this purpose, the three islands in the lake have chosen to interact with each other through fiber optic connections. The fiber-optic connection has low conduction loss and strong long-distance information transmission. It is both efficient, environmentally friendly and user-friendly, and is in line with the image of West Lake at the G20 Summit.

On ALED plant lighting application scale extends, including small cucumber, tomato and so on
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