ballbet贝博靠谱吗-贝博-ballbet靠谱吗Full Color (SK6812IC) Flexible, Foldable, One Meter 48 Sector 48 Lamps


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Product Model:DR-QC-S-48

Emission color: full color RGB program color mixing

Light emitting angle: 115°

Performance advantages:

1. This product adopts 3535 patch full-color LED patch;

2. The product can be cut and used along the position of the scissors;

3, full color (SK6812IC) can be bent, foldable, one meter 48 sections 48 lights

Product description: 2000*6MM 48 / m 3535 SMD bare board series Constant voltage LED5V flexible lamp strip

Applicable occasions: full-color MINI luminous characters resin characters

Waterproof rating: IP35



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