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RH-CJ-12… [Know More]



LED DIMMER 360W Dimming Controller (12-24V)

LED Dimming Controllers Monochrome Light Modules Light Bars Lightboxes Signboards 12-24V Luminance Adjusting Rotary Swit…… [Know More]

DR-S-72 (S type 2835 flexible lamp with 72 lamps per meter)

Each 3 or 6 lamp is equipped with a cut-out pad, easy to cut or link, does not affect the use of other parts (light colo…… [Know More]

UCS1903-12MM full color exposed string

UCS1903 Full-color exposure string LED light-emitting pixel screen perforation light 12MM dot-matrix magic light… [Know More]

Canvas Light RH-FB-D9 Software Snap-type Light Source

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SK6812 Magic Light Strip (30 60 144 Lights) RGB

SK6812 RGBW LED Strip 5050 RGB+W White Warm White 30 60 144 Strip 5V… [Know More]

DR-QC-S-48 (S-type 3535 full-color flexible lamp strip)

Product Model:DR-QC-S-48Emission color: full color RGB program color mixingLight emitting angle: 115°Performance advanta…… [Know More]

SK6812 Light Bar (30 60 144 Lights) RGBW

SK6812 RGBW LED Strip 5050 RGB+W White Warm White 30 60 144 Strip 5V… [Know More]

SK6812 Symphony Product Model Example Table

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Full Color MINI Controller (Programmable) Support IC Model: USB1903 SK6812 WS2811, can import LEDEASY software patterns… [Know More]

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